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Have you seen the documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead? I watched it on Netflix this summer and it inspired me to get a juicer. Because juicers are a little pricey, I put it on my birthday list and received one in December. I’ve been trying out different concoctions and wanted to share one that I have liked recently. If you are new to juicing I thought I would walk through the steps of how to make fresh juice.

Orange, Carrot and Beet Juice

Line up

Start by chopping the tops off the carrots, cut the rind off the oranges, and peel the beet. Leaving the rind on the oranges will cause a bitter taste, so make sure to remove them. Be careful with the peeled beet, it will stain everything it touches. Your fingers, your freshly washed white shirt (true story), and your dish towels. Just keep it away from anything you don’t want to turn red!

juicing 019 (2)

Now start feeding the fruit and veggies through the shoot. I start with the carrots, then the beet, and finish with the oranges. The oranges have the most juice, so using them last helps “wash” out any other juice still in the machine.

juicing 021 (2)

juicing 034 (2)

Aren’t the colors beautiful? Next, just stir everything together. Natural juice will have a little foam on top. If you don’t like it you can try stirring it in or scooping it out. I don’t mind it.

juicing 045 (2)

If the beet taste is too strong, just throw in a few more oranges to help sweeten it up. I usually drink this for breakfast. I make it the night before to speed things up and put it in a travel bottle in the fridge. I grab it in the morning on my way out. Make sure to give everything a good shake before you drink it because the natural juices tend to separate. That’s it!