My mom got a new puppy this weekend and brought it over to show it off. Her name is Josie and she is SMALL. Small is an understatement really. Take a look at this thing.

Josie the Chihuahua

Josie the Chihuahua

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Josie next to a dollar bill to show scale.

She is a Chihuahua, and only 8 weeks old! Right now she is 1 pound and her mom is 3 pounds so she will grow to be around that size. Isn’t she adorable? Jeff and I don’t have any animals of our own so we love to dote on our family’s pets.

On a side note, she isn’t actually the smallest puppy I’ve ever seen. When I was a kid, my parents had two shih tzus, KJ and Suki, one male and one female, and they got pregnant. I remember my mom waking me up late at night to let me know our dog Suki was giving birth. I watched as she delivered her litter and my mom helped break the sack with each one. Those were the smallest puppies I have ever seen! It was pretty miraculous watching such an incredible part of nature taking place right in my own home. Definitely something I will never forget.