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Yesterday I showed you part 1 of our Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge. Today, in part 2, I am showing you how I redid this clock to match our bedroom.

thrift shop part 2 060 (2)

I found this clock at the local Goodwill for $2.99. I liked how big it was and I also liked the gray numbers. Our bedroom is orange and gray so I knew the numbers would fit in with our color scheme.

I didn’t like the girly pink background so I knew I wanted to change that out. thrift shop part 2 065 (2)

I unscrewed the back of the clock so I could get to the face. thrift shop part 2 069 (2)

I choose this orange scrapbook paper that I got a Michael’s. It has some texture in it with pieces of linen in different shades of orange. thrift shop part 2 066 (2)

thrift shop part 2 073 (2)

I used the face of the clock to trace a circle and then cut it to size. I also cut a circle in the middle to be able to place it over the clock parts.

I didn’t have a hole punch that reached the center so I asked Jeff what he thought we could use to make the hole.

No lie… he suggested a power drill. And we even tested it on a scrap piece of paper. It actually worked pretty good but left little tears all around the edge. We ended up just using a really sharp kitchen knife to make little cuts until we formed the circle in the middle.

Once I had the paper in place I reassembled the clock and put it into place in our bedroom.

thrift shop part 2 083 (2)

thrift shop part 2 079 (2)

I put it on my night stand on top a stack of colorful books. I actually picked up these books at a thrift shop a few years ago just to add some color. This was a super easy project and can be done many different ways. How cute would it look to put a hand written quote or even your own picture in the face of the clock?


Thanks again to Young House Love for putting out the call to do this thrift shop challenge!