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I have somehow accumulated an ungodly amount of belts in my lifetime. The bulk of them came from a lot of belts I “won” on Ebay a few years ago. It came with something like 25 belts and I think I paid around $10 for the whole thing. At first I had them rolled up and rubber banded and stored in shoe boxes at the bottom of my closet. It quickly got annoying rolling them up each time I wore one, so that didn’t last long.

Then I had just a few individual hooks on my wall, like these, and hung my belts on them. But when I needed a belt from the very back of the hook I would have to take off 6 or so belts to get to it. Also, some of the smaller belt buckles didn’t fit over the wide hooks. I liked the idea of hanging them on the wall because I didn’t have to roll them up to put them away, but I wanted to create something with more hooks and less belts on each hook so that I could get to them a little more easily. I’m all about convenience over here.

Organizing Belts using S-hooks: Only $5 to create

I wandered around Ikea looking for inspiration and found a display in the kitchen section for wall storage for utensils. They had this rail, with these s-hooks, and little rubber hanging containers on each hook with utensils in each container. I thought it was the perfect thing I needed to create my belt storage. I picked up two packs of s-hooks and one rail bringing my grand total to a whopping $5 to create this. Organizing Belts using S-hooks: Only $5 to create

I organized my belts somewhat by color. Blacks and then browns and then other colorful belts with my skinniest belts on the right. The hooks can easily move left and right when searching for the belt I need. This also only leaves 4 holes in the wall versus using a bunch of individual hooks that each need 1-2 screws to keep them in. I have it screwed right into the drywall and didn’t bother looking for a stud sense the belts don’t weigh much at all. Organizing Belts using S-hooks: Only $5 to create


One of the best things about this is that even the tiniest of belt buckles can fit on one of these s-hooks, keeping everything secure from falling down. This display really works for me keeping everything organized but easy to get to on a daily basis.

A rail with s-hooks can be a great way to store and organize a lot of different items. Use this same idea for scarfs or necklaces. Add the hanging containers for storing earnings, rings, makeup or even hair products. Modify it to work in the bathroom or even the kitchen. The sky is the limit!

What are you using s-hooks for?