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Earn money buy testing out products. Clementinebean.wordpress.com

I thought I would do another frugal Friday post where I write a little bit about ways to either save money, make extra money or get stuff for free. As I have stated before, I will only talk about companies I have worked with on my own and trust. 

Something I have done for a while now is product testing. Did you know that companies like to pay people to try out their products before they launch them in order to find out what changes they need to make to improve the product? Companies come up with new or improved versions of products, then they hire a marketing firm to gather people to try out these products and take surveys about them. 

Most of the products I test are food products, but companies can do this with all sorts of products. One marketing agency in my area that I use is P & K research. They often call me to pre-qualify me and make sure I am in the right set of people they are wanting to test for their product. Usually this means that you already are a customer that buys that particular product, like crackers, soda, or snack mixes for example. Once they have qualified you, they set you up to come into their location and taste test the product. I usually taste a few different samples of the same product with different tweaks on the flavors. I complete a survey on the computer and then they hand me an envelope of cash on my way out. 

Tests can range anywhere from 20 minutes to 1.5 hours. Occasionally I have done a test that was spread over two days (if there are a lot of samples). I have been paid anywhere from $25-$100 depending on the length of the test. It is always cash, and it is always given to you right after you finish the survey.

There are other marketing companies that do similar testings. Another one in my area is Point of View research. They pay people to give opinions about cars motorcycles, jet skis etc. In fact, I am doing one this weekend for a car that pays $375. No bad right?

If you don’t live in an area where these two companies are, try doing a Google search for marketing companies near you that have similar programs. Or try asking your friends to see if anyone you know might already be going to companies like this.