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I love the idea of subscription boxes that come to your home once a month, especially when the contents inside the box have a greater value than how much you paid for the whole box itself. I subscribe to two boxes and I wanted to review one of them today, the Goodies box. Plus am I going to be giving away one free box!

The Goodies box is a monthly food box that is $7/month including shipping. The box itself comes with a mix of snacks ranging from premium samples to full size products. Recently my boxes have had around 7 or 8 products inside. They also recently added a kid’s box as well. Goodies is affiliated with Walmart and that is why they are able to ship a box of foods for such a low price. Goodies Subscription Box Review and a Giveaway! Clementinebean.wordpress.com Goodies Subscription Box Review and a Giveaway! Clementinebean.wordpress.com

Usually each month has a bit of a theme to it, May’s box had a cinco de mayo theme. My favorite box so far was their breakfast themed box. Goodies Subscription Box Review and a Giveaway! Clementinebean.wordpress.com

Sometimes I get a product I have tried before, but mostly these are all new products for me. I like getting to try them out in this way because if I don’t end up liking it, I don’t feel like I have to waste a whole box (or money) on something that wasn’t good. Not every product is a winner but for the most part I have really liked the boxes. I tend to like the more healthy products in the box and Jeff tends to like the things I don’t so it usually works out that everything gets eaten between the two of us. Goodies Subscription Box Review and a Giveaway! Clementinebean.wordpress.com

If I do really like something then I can either order it straight throw Goodies website, or pick it up the next time I am at the grocery store. Goodies Subscription Box Review and a Giveaway! Clementinebean.wordpress.comGoodies Subscription Box Review and a Giveaway! Clementinebean.wordpress.com

There has definitely been some really good products like a full size coconut water, a coupon for free guacamole (to be picked up in a store) and sour straws.

Each month you also have the option to hop back on Goodies website and review all of the products you tasted in your box. You receive points for doing these reviews and then your points can add up to a free box. It only takes reviewing 3 or 4 boxes before you have enough points to get the next month free!

Giveaway Time!

I have a coupon code for one free Goodies box. You will still need to sign up for the site to redeem the code to get the free box, and of course you can always cancel the subscription if you don’t want to get it for a second month. You must be a new user to Goodies as well. Interested? Follow my blog then leave a comment on this post with your email address and I will randomly pick a winner on Friday morning and email you the free coupon code! I will update the post with the winner as well Good Luck!

*I was not paid or asked by Goodies to write this post in anyway. I just happened to get a free coupon code and thought I would share it with all of you.

Update: Congrats Manda on winning the giveaway. Check your email for more details.